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72 products

Pokemon Paldean Fates Elite Trainer Box

449,95 DKK

Pokemon - Boltund V Box

179,96 DKK

199,95 kr

Pokemon: Roaring Moon EX Box

179,96 DKK

199,95 kr

Pokemon: Iron Valiant EX Box

179,96 DKK

199,95 kr

Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Collection

3.599,96 DKK

3.999,95 kr

Pokemon: Cyclizar - EX Box (Eng)

199,95 DKK

Machamp 1st Edition BGS 9.5 [Base Set]

3.500,00 DKK

Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet 1 - Booster

39,95 DKK

Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet 1 - Display

1.099,95 DKK

72 products

Sealed Pokémon Products

Welcome to The Card Collective, your ultimate destination for a diverse array of sealed Pokémon products! Our shelves are stocked with the latest and greatest in Pokémon TCG, ensuring that collectors of all levels find something to enhance their collection. Explore booster boxes, theme decks, Elite Trainer Boxes, and special collections, each containing a treasure trove of Pokémon cards waiting to be discovered. Unbox the excitement of booster packs, each holding the potential for rare and coveted cards, while Elite Trainer Boxes provide exclusive accessories and a glimpse into the Pokémon world's artistry. Theme decks are perfect for those looking to jump into the game or expand their decks strategically. At The Card Collective, we take pride in being your one-stop-shop for all the newest sealed Pokémon products, offering you the chance to stay ahead in your collection.

Why collect Pokémon? Not only is it a nostalgic journey into the beloved world of Pokémon, but it also offers a dynamic and ever-evolving trading card game that brings people together. Each sealed product holds the promise of building your collection, creating memories, and capturing the spirit of adventure. Embrace the thrill of collecting with The Card Collective, where the latest Pokémon products await your discovery!

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