About The Card Collective

The Card Collective

Do you also love Magic-cards? We do here at The Card Collective. We know how challenging it can be to find all the single cards you need for your deck or collection and the frustration with slow delivery. Because of that we have made it our goal to make it easy for any Magic-player to easily and quickly acquire all the singles or accessories they need at a single spot.



Our beginning

We were founded in 2019 with a primary focus on high-end card. From there we have expanded and today we cover all aspects of Magic, from the newest products, old school classics and high-end graded cards, to Magic-supplements and accessories such as deckboxes, playmats and sleeves. We have travel the world, visiting all sorts of events and we hope to some day be able to visit MagicFests again.

Everyone at The Card Collective are Magic-players and we even count a former Danish champion amongst our ranks! We know the challenges that arise when buying Magic-cards and we face the same issues when building a deck and missing that one important card, or finding the right edition or foil for your deck.

We continuously work towards offering as wide a selection as possible and deliver a great and quick service

 The card collective


Today we work closely together with Spilforsyningen to make Magic accessible for everyone. With this intent we have opened the doors to our gaming-room for everyone where we host Commander, Pioner, Modern and Draft events on a weekly basis. This also allows us to be in close contact with the local community, so we can offer solutions to the precise struggles they are facing.


More than just Magic

Pokémon is something widely known today amongst all ages and also amongst us at The Card Collective. As Pokémon has grown in popularity, we have begun collecting new products as well as old classics.

Besides Magic and Pokémon, we try to keep a stock of all the newest and most popular card games.

 the card collective


If you seek something not currently on stock, or if you have questions about a specific product, please contact us at info@thecardcollective.dk. We also buy Magic-collections of all sizes. If you are interested in selling your collection or some single cards, then please use our buylist here.


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