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Here you'll find all of our PSA graded Pokémon cards. Graded cards have increased in popularity as its a fun way to collect Pokémon cards while simultaneously being a great investment. If you are interested in rare and valuable Pokémon cards, feel free to contact us or make an appointment to stop by the store to take a look at some of the worlds rarest Pokémon cards.

36 products

Base Set Blastoise PSA 6

899,95 DKK

Base Set Blastoise PSA 5

799,95 DKK

Dragonite PSA 10 [Fossil 1st edition]

3.500,00 DKK

Seel PSA 10 [Base Set 1st edition]

2.099,95 DKK

Charizard HOLO PSA 9 [Team Rocket]

3.200,00 DKK

Charizard HOLO PSA 4 [Base Set 2]

1.400,00 DKK

Charizard HOLO PSA 4 [Base Set 2]

1.400,00 DKK

Chansey HOLO PSA 7 [Base Set]

849,95 DKK

Blastoise HOLO PSA 6 [Base Set 2]

749,95 DKK

Blastoise HOLO PSA 8 [Base Set]

2.100,00 DKK

Charizard PSA 10 [Dragon Majesty]

999,95 DKK

Base Set 1st. Edition Machamp PSA 9

1.500,00 DKK

Base Set Clefairy PSA 9

1.300,00 DKK

36 products