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Pokemon TCG: Grafaiai Ex Box

249,95 DKK

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146 products

Pokemon: Scarlet & Violet 1 - Booster

39,95 DKK

Pokemon: Charizard - Ultra Premium Collection

1.199,95 DKK

1.499,95 kr

Pokemon Tyranitar V Strikers Tin

169,95 DKK

Pokemon Eevee V Powers Tin

199,95 DKK

Pokemon Jolteon V Tin

199,95 DKK

Pokemon Flareon V Tin

199,95 DKK

146 products

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Welcome to the world of Pokémon TCG!

The Card Collective offers a wide selection of Pokémon TCG Products, from The newest Sealed products to Individual Retro cards and even one of the largest inventory of Graded Cards!
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The Pokémon TCG has yet again taken the world by storm, and still remains the largest trading card game on the planet. Pokémon is loved by people of many different ages and it holds a lot of nostalgia for many poeple that remember the series and cards from when

There are likewise many different types of Pokémon Players and collectors. Some people Only want to collect cool cards that they like while others want to collect complete sets. Some people only want play the game and care about what the strongest Pokémon are to use in their decks. And some people just enjoy the thrill of opening sealed product, hoping to get that unique secret rare!
Regardless of how you collect, play or enjoy Pokémon TCG, there is a product for you!

There are three overall product categories of Pokémon products:
Sealed Products, Single Cards and Graded Cards.


Sealed Products

From Booster Displays to Elite trainer boxes and V-tins, Sealed is everything that, as the name indicates, still is in the original Sealed wrapping. These products great for anyone that enjoy opening packs... 

Single Cards

Single cards (or raw cards) are the individual cards opened from boosters packs that are used for play or to collect. We have a large selection of single cards at The Card Collective 

Graded Cards

Graded Cards are quite unique, in that it is single cards that have been examined by a professional grading company who then seals the card in a plastic casing and gives the card a score from 1-10 depending on how pristine the card is. Graded cards are a great way to collect some of the most expensive and rarest cards or just if you want to get the best version of you favorite card.  
Some grading companies even offer to grade sealed products!
If you are interested in the concept of grading you can read our guide here: Beginner guide to grading