Pre-order FAQ

We receive a lot of questions about pre-orders and single cards. We have answered the most common questions below.


  • When will my order be sent?


Products are sent the day they are released. In rare cases, we are allowed to send them a day before the release-date, so they arive on the day of release.This is however not something we can guarantee. 

The policies of Wizards of the Coast regarding the sale of single cards means that single cards are only available for purchase the day of their corresponding series' official release. Because of this we ship orders containing these types of single cards the same day as their series is released. 


  • My order contains products that aren't pre-orders. Why have they not been sent yet?


When you make a purchase containing both regular wares and pre-order items, the entire order will be held back untill the day of the pre-order's release. If you would like to receive your items as quickly as possible, please place seperate orders. We do not split or change orders.


  • Why is the item marked as "on stock" and ready to be shipped ven though its a pre-order item?


Unfortunately this is the only way our system can handle pre-orders. If the product has *pre-order* in the title, it has not yet been officially released. An item is only available for pre-order if we know that we will be able to deliver said product. 


  • Will I receive a Buy-A-Box Promo?Får jeg en Buy-A-Box Promo?


There are only a very limited amount of Buy-A-Box promos available, and as such we cannot guarantee that you will receive one. As a rule of thumb, web-orders won't receive any promos, as they are allocated to store-purchases.


  • Am I guaranteed to receive my wares?


We strive to never make a larger amount of a product available than we receive from our suppliers. Occasionally, some products are delayed or allocated, why we ended up receiving less than expected. If this happens, we will notify you as quickly as possible. We will only ever make pre-orders of single cards available in an amount we know we can supply. Errors can happen however, and for that we are sorry. 


  • How do I cancel my order?


If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us at


  • Why has the money already been withdrawn from my account even though I have not received my order?


When pre-ordering payment is withdrawn as soon as the order has been shipped. 


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