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Do you also love old Pokémon cards? On the hunt for any valuable Pokémon cards? Here you can see our selection of Pokémon singles. Whether its Charizard, Blastoise or Venusaur from the Base Set you are after. We also have a bunch of Pokémon EX and GX cards on stock. You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions. We can also help you, if you are on the hunt for Pokémon binders.

2270 products

Neo Destiny

Shining Charizard (107/105)

6.700,00 DKK

GC 2

Blaine's Charizard HOLO (1st edition)

3.700,00 DKK

NDE 10

Neo Destiny Dark Typhlosion HOLO

2.600,00 DKK

Neo Destiny Unlimited

Shining Mewtwo (109/105)

  • Heavily Played Holofoil
  • Damaged Holofoil

2.091,10 DKK

First Edition

Team Rocket Dark Raichu HOLO

1.600,00 DKK

NDE 109

Neo Destiny Shining Mewtwo HOLO

1.500,00 DKK

EX: Dragon

Charizard (100/97)

  • Lightly Played Holofoil

1.403,60 DKK

Sword & Shield: Evolving Skies

Umbreon VMAX (215/203)

  • Near Mint Holofoil

1.862,30 DKK

First Edition

Fossil Gengar HOLO

1.350,00 DKK

Legendary Collection

Charizard (3/110)

  • Heavily Played Holofoil

1.338,00 DKK

Neo Genesis 1st Edition

Typhlosion (17/111)

  • Damaged 1st Edition Holofoil

1.052,70 DKK

NG 9 #2

Neo Genesis Lugia HOLO

1.050,00 DKK


Celebi (145/144)

  • Damaged Reverse Holofoil

1.000,80 DKK

Gym Challenge Unlimited

Blaine's Charizard (2/132)

  • Damaged Holofoil

948,80 DKK

Neo Destiny Unlimited

Shining Raichu (111/105)

  • Heavily Played Holofoil

1.112,50 DKK

Neo Destiny Unlimited

Shining Celebi (106/105)

  • Heavily Played Holofoil

1.085,80 DKK

2270 products