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Rookie, Prizm, Refractor, Autographs & Shirt inserts; Welcome to the World of Sports Cards!

Sport cards has become a massive universe. Here at The Card Collective we strive to always keep the newest and greatest series on stock. The most popular sport cards are produced by the companies Panini and Topps, who share the licensing rights between them. All the great national leagues have a yearly updated release, while series like the World Cup and European Championships are released alongside the grand tournaments. Furthermore special series are created relating to specific clubs or curated sets.

Panini also produce series of stickers, which are released alongside a collectors album allowing you to display your collection.

At The Card Collective we love all collectors and just like Magic and Pokémon, collectors of sports cards seek the most rare and valuable cards. Often people will focus on collecting cards of a specific team or player. In football (soccer) it is primarily the great British or Spanish clubs where single players are dominated by legends like Pelé and Maradona. Newer legends include Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo or younger players like Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappé.

Below you will find a list of the different types of cards that you can find:

Rookie Cards: A card that shows a player that newly became a  professional athlete. Rookie cards are especially sought after by collectors, as they are naturally more rare than other cards, since they are only printed in one set. An exciting factor with Rookie Cards is that you never know, how the career  of the depicted player will unfold. In later sets the cards have begun to indicate that they are Rookie Cards with a small symbol.


Base: The most standard cards in any given set. These are the most regular cards in a set and usually contains a bit of information about the depicted player. The number of base cards varies between sets.


Parallel: These are variants of the base cards. Often they are in a different color, numbered or with a shinning finish.


Refractor/Prizm: These cards have a special finish that reflects light in a pattern. Refractor cards are specific for Topps products, while Panini instead have their Prizm cards. There are many different varieties of these cards like Red, Blue, Red/Blue, Mojo and many more.


Insert: These are special cards that you can be lucky to draw in a booster pack. They have a much lower drop rate than other cards. Inserts can be made from a specific material or have a rare finish. Insert cards also include cards with autographs, matchworn cards and numbered cards. These are often the most sought after cards.


Autograph Card: These cards signed by the depicted players. Autographed cards are amongst the very rarest of cards and can be extremely valuable due to the high demand if you are lucky enough to find a talented player.


Matchworn: Also know as “Jerey” or “Memorabilia” cards. These cards contain a part of a players jersey, which has been worn during a match.


Numbered: These cards are numbered Due to this we know exactly how many has been printed in total. As an example, if a card is numbered 15/75 it means that only 75 cards of that type has been printed worldwide. 1/1 or 1/5 are incredibly rare and can be sold for incredibly high amounts of money if you are lucky enough to find the right card.


Each product can have its own variations of the different version above, so keep an eye out for the different rare pulls that you might be lucky and open.


Use the Collections above to navigate the different sports card categories to find the product you are looking for.