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Have you found your old collection of trading cards from the attic or are you simple not collecting cards anymore? Then maybe its time to turn them into something new. At The Card Collective we buy all sorts of Magic and Pokémon collections. No collection is too grand!

The Card Collective - Who are we?

Selling your collection of Pokémon or Magic cards can be a daunting endeavor. Because of this, we here at The Card Collective strive to make the process as easy and safe as possible. We guide you through the entire process and you are always welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

The Card Collective has partnered with Spilforsyningen whom we also share physical location with. It’s also possible to meet us around the world, when we visit conventions and events. We have a true passion for Pokémon and Magic cards and because of this we are always on the look-out for new collections and exciting cards.


Our team of card experts is always ready to help! Send us a mail at or visit us at various conventions around the world.

Here you can sell your Pokémon or Magic cards

You can sell your collection almost no matter its size - no collection is too grand! However, if your collection is small or of very low value, we might not be interested in buying it, as it might not be worth our time to evaluate the collection. We are especially interested in rare and valuable cards such as Charizards or the Black Lotus.


How do you sell your card collection?

We provide two easy ways for you to sell your cards.

  • Buylist: Right here on our website you can create a “Buylist” - a list of the cards you wish to sell. With this option, you fill in the information about the cards you wish to sell yourself and while doing so, you will be able to see how much the individual cards approximately are worth. We have created a step-by-step guide of how to use the Buylist-system here. This option is generally better for smaller collections.

    Unfortunately, the buylist cannot be used to submit Pokémon cards. 

    Sell your trading cards

  • E-mail: If you wish to avoid having to add each individual card in your collection, you can instead send us and e-mail at: and inform us that you wish to sell your collection. Remember to attach some pictures of your collection.

    If we are interested in your collection, you can either drop it off at our store at Bispensgade 34, 9000 Aalborg for a final appraisal. All you have to do is sign in at the register and fill in a form with your contact information. You will then receive a proof that you have dropped off your collection with us. Alternatively we will send you a package label and you can then mail us your collection.

Payment for your collection

When we have had a chance to go through and appraise your collection, we’ll send you an offer for the parts of it we are interested in*. You can choose whether you wish to receive payment as cash/wire transfer or store credit. We always pay more in store credit.

Store credit can be used either on our webshop, where it is assigned to your account (based on the e-mail you have provided). If you are more interested in products like Warhammer, boardgames or something completely different, you can also choose to receive store credit to the physical store, Spilforsyningen.

Normally we pay between 50-70% of the cards resell value. This price is calculated based on the card’s market value and general demand and interest for the card. We take note of the price of other copies of the same cards in the same condition that has been sold. Note that the prices displayed on our website doesn't necessarialy reflect the current average marketprice and might therefore by higher than other site or marketplaces.    
For any card below a market value of 1€ (euro) we consider bulk and offer a standard price of: 20dkk per kg. for commons and uncommons, and 0.5 dkk per rare and mythic card.
The card’s general condition is also a major factor when calculating the price. Thus, the mentioned possible bid of approximately 50-70% of market value only applies to cards in Near Mint or Excellent condition. If you are uncertain what conditions the cards in your collection are in, you can check out at our Guide to card conditions.

Payment usually happens after we have received and inspected the cards so that we can make sure they meet the expectations set based on your submitted buylist or e-mail correspondence.

*Longer wait times can occur with large collections.


Do you live far away? We'll pay for shipping

If you happen to live too far away from the store to drop off the collection, we offer to pay for GLS shipping to the store. The cards are still your responsibility during transport, so if your collection is very valuable, we recommend dropping it off at the store or having it insured.

We only pay for shipping to the store. If you do not wish to accept our offer on your collection, you are required to pay for the return shipping. If you wish to have your cards sent to us for an appraisal, please make sure to pack them safely, as we do not take resposibility for any damages caused to the items during shipping. Do not use rubber bands or other methods that risk damaging the cards, as this will lower their value. If you have utilized a buylist, please make sure to pack the cards in the same order as they appear on the buylist.

Appraisal of card collections

If you are in need of a professional appraisal of your Magic Card or Pokémon collection, if you need a proof of value for your bank or insurance company, we provide this service. An appraisal costs a fixed fee of 250 DKK plus an additional 250 DKK for each hour of work begun while going through your collection. You choose whether you want a thorough examination of your cards, or just a quick appraisal.


Terms of service when selling collection

In the process of selling your Collection of card and products to The Card Collective, the Collection may be required to be sent or delivered to The Card Collective Office or the Store Spilforsyningen.

In cases where a collection is being sent to the The Card Collective office or Spilforsyningen, The Card Collective takes no responsibility for the collection or any damaged or delays while it is being shipped. The condition of the items once the packaged has arrived is the condition that the offer will take into account and be based on. 

For any Collection of cards, products or other collectibles and items, as per stated in the Proof of ownership that is filled out when a collected is handed in at Spilforsyningen, We (The Card Collective) hold the collection for up to 3 (three) months after an offer or decline to buy have been sent from The Card Collective. After the period of three months, if the collection has not been picked up and no other agreement has been made with The Card Collective, the collection will be thrown out. The service to buy collections does not offer to indefinately store collections. Due to Our (The Card Collective) office has limited capacity, we cannot store collections forever, and do therefore require to make space for new collections.

To accept or decline an offer made by The Card Collective offer can be done by contacting The Card Collective either via textmessage or Email. It is not a possiblity to go into "Spilforsyningen" and talk to the staff to accept an offer for a collection.
It is important that the staff at The Card Collective is made aware of any accepted or decliend offers to make sure that the collection is handled correctly.

The Card Collective holds the right to decline to give an offer on or buy any collection for any, or unspecified, reason even if an offer previously has been made.

At the Card Collective, we are unfortunately experiencing that a lot of collections contain fake cards, primarily from collections with Pokemon TCG cards. 
The Card Collective puts in great effort to ensure that all cards in our inventory are real card, and we are therefore in no way interested in buying or aquiring fake cards from any TCG.
It is Important to note that while it is legal to own counterfeit wares, it is ,under danish law, illegal and punishable to sell counterfeit wares which Fake TCG cards fall under.

The Card Collective take the distribution of fake cards very serious and if we suspect someone knowingly attempting to sell fake cards, we will notify the relevant authorities.        



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