The Card Collective at Nordic Card Show

This Saturday, The Card Collective spent most of their waking hours at Nordic Card Show

Early Hours

The day started off early, with the guys meeting up at the office at 6 in the morning, to load their van and car, before hitting the road and heading towards Vejlby-Risskov Hallen in Aarhus at around 6:30. 

After arriving at the venue at around 7:40, it was time to unload the all the Magic: the GatheringPokémon and soccer cards and sealed product, that had been brought along. Luckily, we had been given the stand closest to the back entry, saving us a few steps of carrying the different boxes, crates and display cases. When all the product had been sorted and displayed, and a few shelving units had been assembled, we were ready to take on the heaps of people, waiting to be let into the gymnasium.

Happy Customers

Throughout the seven hours, that Nordic Card Show was open to the public, we spoke with plenty of passionate people looking for good deals on MagicPokémon and soccer products, with some of the customers already knowing us, and many of the customers getting their first taste of our wide selection of products, spanning from Pokémon cards being sold for 10 DKK ($ 1.47) to a Black Lotus BGS 9.5B++ [Limited Edition Beta] listed at 1.100.000 DKK ($165,279.58). 

In line with our expectations, the Black Lotus did not sell, however, loads of the people who passed by our stand took notice of the card, with several of them coming to a stop to ask questions about the pricing and rarity of the card.

Events, tournaments and raffles

Apart from just selling, trading and buying products, singles and graded cards, we also hosted a March of the Machine pre-release tournament, as well as hosting a raffle for a PSA 10 Charizard, for anyone who showed one of us at our booth, that they followed us on Instagram

Furthermore, we dove head first into our newest adventure: Box Breaks of soccer cards. We had two Topps UEFA Club Competitions 2022/23 1st Edition Displays sponsored by Topps, and all the money that people paid to buy spots in the breaks were donated to charity, more specifically BROEN Aalborg.

The Box Breaks were done at Topps' stand and livestreamed in our Facebook group TCC Box Breaks, where we will also livestream more Box Breaks in the near future. Make sure to join the group if you do not want to miss out on any of the news and updates regarding our Box Break adventure!

I'm Lovin' It

Through most of the day, the guys working the stand were very busy buying and selling singles and products, resulting in very few breaks and many hours scrunched over tables. This both mentally and physically challenging effort was rewarded with a stop at McDonald's in Haverslev, on the way back to Aalborg, much to everyone's liking. All in all, we all had a blast at Nordic Card Show, and are looking very much forward to the next event in Copenhagen this September.