The Card Collective goes to Eternal Weekend 2023

Last weekend  was when of the one of the largest magic events in Europe in the entire year was held, and the largest tournament in Vintage and Legacy for the year. The event took place in the Top Hotel convention center in Prague, Czech Republic.

The Card Collective was asked to be a vendor at the event, and of course we didn’t want to miss out on being present at such a grand event, so we prepared our inventory, packaged a car, and drove for 12 hours from Aalborg to Prague!     

The event was hosted by JK Entertainment and lasted from Friday to Sunday evening, so there were a no shortage of events and opportunities to play Magic.

The Main event of the tournament, the largest Legacy tournament of the year, was held during the Saturday and was comprised of 10 rounds of Swiss followed by a top 8, where all 10 Swiss round was played on the same day. This meant that the main event was a test of both preparation, skill, luck and endurance! The Swiss lasted from 9.00 in the morning to 21.00 in the evening! A total of 713 legacy players that fought for a place in the top 8 and given the sheer number of players, a record of 9-1 would not even guarantee a top 8 spot! The legacy Tournament was won by Julian Jakobovits playing Temur Delver with Questing Druid and stern Dismissal in the main deck!

Winning decklist for legacy

The other main attraction of the event was the Vintage tournament on Sunday where 125 players battled with the most powerful cards in magic history.

As can be expected with any large event, there was also a ton of side events, from Modern to Sealed.

In addition to the all the vendors and events, the event also hosted a handful of different proliferent magic artists, including RK Post, Volken Baga and the ever-iconic Mark Poole, who you drew the art for the original Counterspell and Ancestral Recall. Players flocked to get their favorite cards signed from the various artists, including our Jacob, who managed to acquire a very limited Foil Artist Proof of Atraxa, Grand Unifier and got it both signed and sketched by the artist Marta Neal.

For us at The Card Collective, the Weekend consisted of a lot of buying and selling cards. The primary interest was format stables for the legacy and Vintage format.

Especially Orcish Bowmaster and The One Ring was in high demand which is expected, given their relevance and popularity in multiple formats. Dual lands were, to no surprise, also a very popular item given how powerful access to good mana is. Other than the obvious cards, being a vendor also throws the strangest requests at us, including the Unfinity Card Clown Car and Japanese premodern stables.  

As a vendor at an event like Eternal Weekend, we were of course able to buy a ton of cool cards, including a set of Foil Daze from Nemesis, a set of Invocation Force of Will and a set of Fullart foil Swords. We tried to display all of the of the amazing pieces of cardboard we brought with us home to Denmark, but failed due to the massive amount of cards. So we compiled some of the most interesting and coolest cards into one image that can be seen below!
Therefore, We definitely recommend keeping an eye the website for many, many, many new cards in stock. So no matter if you are playing Commander, Modern, Legacy, Pioneer, Oldschool or even Pre-modern, we are sure that there will be something interesting for you! 

A huge thanks to all of you who came by our booth during the weekend to buy, sell or just chat! It was a pleasure to meet a lot of you and talk the card game we all love. A huge thanks also goes to JK Entertainment from hosting a great event and letting us be part of the Vendor crew.

We look forward to be present at future large events and meet you all!

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