PSA Return: Neo Revelation Double Holo Error


Neo Revelation double foil error

Our latest PSA return had a welcome surprise!

Six cards with the Neo Revelation double foil error or holo bleed variant came back. We don't have any numbers on how big the error rate is for the 1st edition print run but it is estimated that only about 5% of the print run has this error. In the majority of cards and artworks, the double holo effect brings about a darker art box, enhanced white lines around the pokémons, and a doubling of holo circles. Notably and this is one of the biggest reasons this error is so cool is that holo circles appear in unconventional places, overlapping with characters for a visually dynamic and stronger effects on the cards. PSA recently added the double error holo to their population report. Meaning they now recognize the error on the label. So it will be possible to find cards in the normal population report that has this error.


Shining Gyarados PSA 9 Double Holo Error

The biggest hit was the Shining Gyarados 1st Edition PSA 8 and a really clean PSA 8 that is. A bit sad it did not hit the PSA 9. Shining Gyarados is one of the most iconic Shining Pokémons and the double holo error really makes the artwork pop and a little swirl is also noticeable on the card. This is only the second graded Shining Gyarados 1st edition with the error on the label. Speaks to how rare this is. 

Shining Magikarp PSA 6 Double Holo Error

Another fan favorite is the Shining Magikarp. As we all know it evolves into Gyarados. This is the first graded Shining Magikarp 1st edition with the error on the label. So currently with this label the card is pop 1! This will change in the future though.  

Houndoom currently have 5 cards graded with the error, Celebi only two and last Ho-oh has 6 cards in the population report. 

If you ask us this is one of the coolest error cards to collect in Pokémon.