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Here you will find our selection of most recently aquired graded cards. Are you a collector looking for graded cards from Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited? Here you have a unique opportunity to expand or start your collection, or invest in Magic: the Gathering cards. We have the largest and greatest selection of graded cards in Denmark and we have cards from the very beginning of Magic, inkluding the Black Lotus. It is possible to arrange viewing and pick-ups at our store when buying expensive cards.

336 products

Nicol Bolas BGS 9 [Legends]

$300.52 USD

Fastbond PSA 7 [Alpha]

$1,172.03 USD

Man Vault BGS 9.5B+ [Limited Edition Alpha]

$10,518.22 USD

Timetwister CGC 5 [Limited Edition Beta]

$9,015.62 USD

Black Lotus CGC 1.5 [Unlimited Edition]

$9,015.62 USD

Wall of Bone PSA 9 [Limited Edition Alpha]

$390.68 USD

Tsunami PSA 9 [Limited Edition Alpha]

$390.68 USD

Lure PSA 9 [Limited Edition Alpha]

$390.68 USD

Lifetap PSA 9 [Limited Edition Alpha]

$225.39 USD

Gloom PSA 9 [Limited Edition Alpha]

$390.68 USD

Craw Wurm PSA 9 [Limited Edition Alpha]

$225.39 USD

Jace Vryn's Prodigy BGS 9Q++ [SDCC 2015]

$195.34 USD

Tolarian Academy BGS 9Q [Urza's Saga]

$330.57 USD

Serra's Sanctum BGS 9Q++ [Urza's Saga]

$435.75 USD

In the Eye of Chaos CGC 8 [Legends]

$195.34 USD

Metalworker Foil BGS 7B [Urza's Destiny]

$1,337.32 USD

Palinchron Foil BGS 8.5B [Urza's Legacy]

$661.15 USD

Memory Jar Foil BGS 8.5Q++ [Urza's Legacy]

$901.56 USD

Crop Rotation Foil BGS 9Q [Urza's Legacy]

$601.04 USD

336 products