Rules and guidance for Buylist

How to

  • First you will need to create an account and login to our system to see your buylist.



  • Take care to choose the right condition and edition (Magic set) of each card you add to you buylist. If you have any doubts, you can read our guide on how to evaluate the condition of a Magic card here.

  • Please pack your cards in the same order as they appear on your buylist. That way we can handle your case a lot quicker. Refrain from using rubber bands or other methods that can damage the cards when you deliver or send your buylist to our store. 


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      The Card Collective Buylist Køb og sælg Magic kort 


      • Our buylist prices only apply to English language cards. If you wish to sell cards in another language than English, signed cards, or graded cards, please contact us per e-mail at

      • The shown buylist price presumes that the card’s condition is near mint (NM). We also buy cards in a worse condition, but at a reduced price. You should pay attention to what condition you mark your cards as in our buylist system. We reserve the right to adjust the price on any submitted cards. You can find our guide to evaluate the condition of your cards here.

      • Since our buylist is updated regularly, it is important that you send your cards as quickly as possible. We reserve the right to adjust the price, if more than five days pass before we receive the cards.

      • We reserve the right to adjust your payment if the sent cards are not in the same order as the order submitted on Buylist. Small errors are allowed.

      • Payment for a sent buylist happens by a wire transfer. Because of this we need your information to wire a payment. You will be contacted by e-mail after the buylist has been submitted and approved.
      • You can also choose to receive payment in the form of store credit, which will be applied to your The Card Collective account. Store Credit can be used freely in our online store to purchase singles, sealed product, or other items.

      • In rare cases errors may occur in our system, which causes cards of a lower condition to be marked with a higher price than intended. This is an error, as we always pay more for cards of a near mint condition than a lightly played one of the same card. If this is the case, the price of the card will be adjusted.
      • NB.  We reserve the right to reject or change the prices on a buylisted card for any reason. Such as, but not limited to, if a card is from another series or in a lower condition than submitted, or has been banned, reprinted etc. Due to this you should pay extra attention if you are making a submission around the time of new official announcements of changes in formats.