Rules and Guidance for Buylist

Step-by-Step Guide to Buylist


We have created this step-by-step guide to our buylist system to make it as easy for you as possible to sell your card collection. We recommend using buylist for smaller collections.

  • Create an account on

  • Choose which type of cards you wish to sell
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Pokémon
    • Flesh & Blood

  • Search for the name of the card and pick the correct version. When looking up a card, it is important that you check to make sure you have selected the proper card. Remeber to look out for:
    • If you have picked the right edition, series and set
    • If it is a foil card

  • Choose the right condition of the card. If you are unsure of the cards condition, check out our condition guide here!

  • Choose the amount of identical cards you wish to sell

  • Add the card to your buylist using the "+"  button

  • Repeat the process for all the cards you wish to sell

  • Choose which type of payment you wish to receive: Cash or Store Credit

  • Press "Submit buylist" and confirm

  • Pack and Ship your cards to Bispensgade 34, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark

  • You will then be contacted when we have received and approved your buylist


How to use buylist

Rules for using Buylist

There are a few factors you need to be aware of when creating your buylist:

  • The prices shown in the buylist system are only applicable for English cards. If you wish to sell with prints in a language other than English, if there are any autographs on the card or if the card has been graded, please contact us directly at

  • The two prices shown below a card in the buylist system are only applicable for cards in a Near Min (NM) condition (meaning an almost perfect card). We also buy cards of lesser conditions, but at a lower rate.* Make sure to choose the right condition of your cards when adding them to your buylist. You can find a guide to assessing a cards condition here.

  • Since our buylist system is updated regularly with new cards and prices, we recommend sending your cards to us as quickly as possible. We reserve the right to adjust the price, if more than 5 days pass between you submit a buylist and we receive the cards.  

  • We reserve the right to adjust the price if the cards have not been packed in the same order as they appear on the buylist. Small errors are permitted.

  • We reserve the right to adjust the price on any given card for any reason. Such as, but not limited to, if the card is from another series or set, if the card is in a worse condition than what was submitted, if the card has been banned from play in tournaments, or if the card has been reprinted. 

  • Payment for a received buylist is made by wire transfer. You will be contacted by e-mail when you buylist has been received and approved. It is also possible to receive payment as store-credit. In this case the amount will be added to your account on


*On rare occasions errors may occur in our system resulting incards of a lower condition being marked with a higher price than cards of a Near Mint condition. If this is the case, the price of the card will be adjusted when we receive the buylist.


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